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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker Tool by Meramaal SEO tools.

Our free online Alexa rank checker is the foremost rife SEO tool that helps you denote the current position of varied websites in the Alexa ranking structure. The least Alexa rank selection in traffic rank checker is more efficient for deciding a website's traffic and in evaluating the price of linking associates. Our very superb Alexa website ranking checker tool is also a super-fast tool used to derive rankings in bulk. If you’ll like to obtain a bulk list of domains /URLs simultaneously, congrats! Alexa Rank Checker Tool is the right tool for you. Our tool is specifically designed for webmasters and search engine optimization specialists.

It lets you analyze ranking of over ten websites concurrently. It’s the fastest and most effective approach to instantly collect Alexa rank, incoming links, as well as the position of different sites. Utilize our free online ranking tool to examine your own websites and obtain custom deliverable reports for clients.

Alexa ranking helps provide to get info on traffic data, expand your knowledge on domain usage and other suggestions also. The Alexa site ranking gives a better presentation of your site, unlike other SEO specialists that make it impossible to check ranking regularly. Therefore, a tool like this is certainly essential. All you need to do is input the website’s URL and click on “Submit” and obtain information on Alexa Ranking of websites.

Our team of specialists has developed this tool to enable you get an entire site Alexa Report with no SignUp or registration. It’s one of all the most effective and fastest tools offered that collects country traffic rank, global Alexa traffic rank, audience geography, the number of Backlinks and the percent of search visits.

After some seconds of inputting the required data, this tool will create a complete Alexa report. Excluding the provision of the website’s rank, this highly efficient tool conjointly shows the region in which most of your website's audience is located. If you want to boost Alexa, you will need to rank long tail keywords, and good Meta tag uses Meta Tag Generator for creating Meta tags.

If you have noticed that your website comprises of poor Alexa Rank, then here is how to improve the rank rapidly:

1. Install Alexa widget and the Alexa toolbar. It notifies Alexa servers on your website’s traffic. After installation, there’ll be a noticeable increase in your site's ranking.

2. Always publish brief and interesting content for guests.

3. Remember to share content on different social media platforms.

Why do we need to use Meramaal’s SEO tool {Alexa rank checker}?

Before utilizing this very refined Alexa Rank Checker tool, you need to learn why you need to utilize this tool. Alexa ranking structure is an exclusive ranking structure and is actually set via The rate of visits to your site unit is measured and audited in an approved mode and made public through Alexa. It helps to check the number of views and other significant parameters in SEO. It gives you an edge of being able to compare your rival’s website with yours, keep track of their performance as well as incorporate useful points deduced from your website to improve its ranking.

This tool also enables you to recognize better marketing strategies for the SEO process.

How Our Tool actually Works

Amongst others, the Alexa rank checker is one of the best in terms of proficiency and quality. It will provide the best marketing strategies for you thus, saving money and time and helping you make the best choice which will bring about increased profits and clients.

It is user-friendly with a manageable interface and by analyzing your progress you will be able to run SEO campaigns efficiently.

What Is the Alexa Rank Checking Tool special feature?

Our Alexa Rank Checking tool provided by Meramaal SEO is a masterpiece put together as a result of prior widespread research. Thus, it enables you to test direct marketing strategies and transform inquiries into solid leads. All pros & cons of this tool are computed. Tested and trusted elements are put in place in a proficient manner.

Precise information

The Alexa Rank Checking tool will provide you with express information on world Ranking in conjunction with your site’s popularity. It will help you know particular regions interested in your merchandise, check your traffic rank, SEO and local rank. In general, you will get very important information utilized daily to improve the website.


  • It is fast and easy to operate.
  • It has been tried and trusted.
  • The algorithm used in its calculation is simple.
  •  Its traffic can be used as a competitive intelligence.
  • It helps showcase the potential of your website.

These are the few reasons why you should have an Alexa rank checking tool, it is simply the best.