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SEO has become one of the most important backbones developing and managing a good website. In recent times SEO has become revolved around link building, over ninety percent concentration in SEO is left. In recent times SEO has become revolved around link building because of this. SEO world is dependent on building quality backlinks. If your site's been around for a couple of months or more, there is a decent shot that you have a few connections indicating it. Some might be great, some might be awful and some don’t make a noticeable difference in either course.

A backlink is that which helps in guaranteeing the reliability, quality, popularity, and trustworthiness of a website. Although incoming links are undoubtedly important in determining this, they do not actually guarantee these qualities.

Backlinks can be built through various means, in building a backlink; the information of a backlink is very significant. If a site backlink outline is horrible, carry out effective action to correct it because it will make your site position drop, also, your site could be penalized by Google, which means your site could possibly disappear online, hence it is of utmost importance to always conduct a vigorous analysis site's link every other day.


To conduct a thorough backlink analysis, a site’s backlink checker is needed.  Wrong backlinks can ruin your website; this is why you need a good backlink checker. The backlink checker must be efficient and effective; otherwise, your time might be wasted. To prevent stressing yourself unnecessarily, you need the best backlink checker tool which is exactly what Meramaal SEO tool’s Backlink checker is. Meramaal SEO Tool’s Backlink Checker displays the links pointing to the website and helps you attain the right link. Meramaal’s SEO Tool’s Backlink Checker is an outstanding pointer to the qualities of a website.  Backlink building gets additional traffic and the best ranking for your website.

Meramaal SEO Tool’s Backlink Checker gives you a good reason to scrutinize your backlink because we are good at it. If proper analysis of your backlinks is not done, you get:

Poor Links: the fact that SEO services are easy to access does not denote supremacy, to avoid spending your money and time unnecessarily, the best way is to monitor your backlink with Meramaal’s SEO Tool’s Backlink Checker.

Reputation Risk: Not checking your backlinks regularly puts your sites standing at risk, hence it is best to save yourself unnecessary hassle by just monitoring your links with our free Meramaal’s SEO tool’s Backlink checker to enable you to safeguard your website’s health and reputation

Link-Based Fines: while backlinks are useful in getting enhanced ranking, they could also open your website to some vulnerability that could lead to penalization. To prevent this, you need a backlink checker to check for spam links on your website and the best to do this is Meramaal SEO Tool’s Backlink Checker.

Website De-Indexing: one of the most terrible situations for a website owner is when the indexation of their site is halted. This is usually because a website is involved in building links, participating in link schemes and buying links. All these are illicit and could lead to a de-indexed website. To avoid this, you need a backlink checker that helps you know the source of your backlinks.


Using this tool is very simple all you have to do is:

  • Enter the page URL that you want to check its backlinks
  • Click on the button that says “Check Backlink”
  • It will only take a minute to get information about the quality of your backlinks.

Try Meramaal Seo tool’s Backlink checker and give us a feedback about your experience.