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About Broken Links Finder

Find the broken links quickly with Meramaal's free SEO tool, Broken Link Finder

The broken links are nothing but the dead links on your site which are not working anymore. Broken links transpire for various reasons.

  • If an improper URL is entered for a link
  • If the destination website has been removed permanently
  • If you remove the linked web pages from the targeted website
  • Sometimes a firewall or using particular software can block the destination website.

If the visitors of the users of your cannot visit your website through the link provided on the Internet, it is known as the broken link. If your site has been removed permanently or if you go for a new domain or an out-of-date web page, anything can be responsible for a broken link. Several dead links on a particular web page are identified as "link rot". So if you want to save the reputation of your business utilize Meramaal's one of the best SEO tools, the broken link finder. With the help of this outstanding smallseotool you can keep your links up-to-date.

Broken links can make the various troubles for you. Your visitors cannot get desired information if broken links exist. If your website has not been updated for a long time, then it can have many broken links or link rot. So as a website owner you need to find these broken links as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may hamper your reputation as well as productivity.

Meramaal's SEO tools come at free of cost. This excellent SEO tool Broken link finder works like Google broken link finder. You just have to enter your desired URL, and you'll get to know quickly whether any dead link or broken link exists or not. So if you are a website owner, this is the most convenient option for you as you can clean up the broken links in no time. With this superb small SEO tool, you'll also find link safety checker or broken link finder plugin. In short, it will be the most straightforward option for you to locate the nasty links.

Why do you need to clean up broken links fast?

Broken links or dead links are not only vexatious but they can do severe damage to your site also. It will hamper your reputation in the market. If you have a big website, you may not be aware of these broken links. Usually, website owners come to know about this problem when they start getting the report of link errors from the visitors.

Readers always love to open the link if they find something engaging in it. But sometimes they have to face 404 error which is utterly irritating. If he or she is an experienced user, he'll undoubtedly understand that this is occurring because of dead links. If the user is a naive he or she is going to reboot the system to resolve the problem. And if the problem is not resolved they’ll leave the page immediately.

So it radically hampers your business in three ways

  • First, you start losing the traffic because the users get frustrated with this 404 errors.
  • Second, it affects your ranking on the search engine as well as the overall reputation of your site.
  • Third, you cannot attract new people as whenever they visit your site it shows error.

All these are far-reaching issues which need to be resolved immediately. Meramaal's one of the best search engine optimization tools, "Broken Links Finder" will be the best solution for you.

Types of Broken Links

Nowadays, people mainly focus on SEO content. So they always try to concentrate on the website content which is necessary for website optimization. So its remarkably hard for a webmaster to track all the URLs and web pages individually. Unfortunately, no SEO tool has been designed which can guarantee proper relation between all the updates and the web pages. As the time goes on some links, become dangle or stale or entirely become dead. They cannot generate valid resources. As a result, the visitors start getting HTTP responses or 404 error whenever they try to access any of your pages. Modern CMS or content management system makes it even worse. It duplicates the broken links across different other web pages. It usually happens with the internal links frequently.

Now let's concentrate on the external links. Here the situation is even worse. The linked website may change the location and the name or also can be updated without any information. The domain can also be sold or expired. These situations can hamper your reputation but cannot be controlled. So the best thing is testing your site regularly on Meramaal's one of the free SEO tools, Broken Link Finder so that you can be updated.

How Meramaal's SEO tool, Broken Link Finder can help you

It cannot be identified why a link stops working all of a sudden or why it becomes broken. But you can quickly detect it with the best SEO tools of Meramaal which works just like Google broken link finder.

That is why webmasters love this smallseotool because it's convenient. You can go for this fantastic SEO tool, or you can choose any other broken link finder plugin. It will detect and clean the dead links quickly. Just enter the desired URL and hit "Check Broken Link ". You'll get the status within just fraction of seconds.