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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Meramaal Dmoz Listing Checker

This tool is a search engine optimization apparatus that examines the DMOZ posting of any site. This tool assumes a noteworthy part as it analyzes a site. It rapidly sees if the specific site entered is recorded in the DMOZ catalog.

The bulk tool is also known as an Open Project which enables you to check whether areas are recorded in Bulk Open Directory. If it has not been recorded, at that point result restores “No”. This device can acknowledge a large group of areas at any given moment in a sole textbox.

Dmoz by Meramaal is the biggest human assembled index made by AOL. It is otherwise called an ODP. Sites recorded in Dmoz are viable through web search tools and positioned greatly in SREP. Anybody can present their site in Dmoz for nothing; however, it takes a while to get recorded in Dmoz. This apparatus checks whether a site is recorded in any Dmoz class or not. This tool likewise indicates rundown of classifications in which a site is recorded.

How to use DMOZ listing checker

To ascertain if a domain is recorded in DMOZ, you can simply enter the entire URL in the space provide and hit Enter. In the event that you need to carry out a mass check, at that point ensure you glue each website URL/Domain name on a different line. The outcomes are created in a table frame, the areas that are recorded will be shown with rank 'Recorded' and that which is not recorded will be displayed as 'Not Listed'.

Apart from checking the DMOZ posting for your site, domain shareholders can likewise profit from this device by playing out a listing check and rapidly getting the individuals who are as of now recorded in DMOZ as Google gives a great deal of credit to such locales.

utilize Meramaal’s DMOZ Listing Checker Tool frequently as it requires no information exchange or enlisting. Simply put every one of your domain in the box and let our checker take the necessary steps for you. It is quick and precise and free!