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About Google Cache Checker

Utilize the services of Meramaal's one of the best free SEO tools, Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker is known to be Meramaal's one of the best SEO tools. This sophisticated SEO tool will help you to find out if any of you have any cached web pages. Now you must be thinking what does it mean? Cache is nothing but a technique to store all your website documents temporarily. These docs also include images and HTML. The ultimate aim is to reduce the server load as well as bandwidth usage. So you can store the copies and later on if the conditions go right, you can mollify those documents from the cache. The most popular and conventional techniques of the cache are Jpcache and Quickcache.

As an SEO expert if you want to generate customized reports which also involve analytic you can take the help of one of our best SEO tools, Google Cache Checker. If you don't have time, this outstanding free tool is going to do that for you. You don't have to wait for long because the flexible interface of this smallseotool is capable enough to give you result within a fraction of seconds. Google cache status is solely based on the website URL and when it was last modified. Just by entering a particular URL, you can collect data quickly. Along with that, with the help of this excellent small SEO tool, you can also find out if there is an issue or not.

So if you are a webmaster or an SEO expert, Meramaal's one of the free SEO tools, Google Cache Checker will be an outstanding solution for you. You don't have to download it separately to it. You can use it anywhere you want. This small SEO tool will make your required analytics without wasting much time. And the best thing is this Search Engine Optimization tool comes for free of cost. So you can use it whenever you need.

This excellent SEO tool of Meramaal, Google Cache Checker will let you know when your site was live for the last time. This tool will show you the exact time and date. This search engine optimization tool will show you the website link as well as the data cached by Google. In short, your site's indexed links will be identified as cached URLs. So you must know about this excellent SEO tool of Meramaal if you are a web developer.

How Meramaal's one of the best SEO tools, Google Cache Checker will help you

Think about a situation. You want to choose a new hosting server because your hosting package is outdated. What will you do? At first, you are going to update the DNS domain server address. It'll take more than 1 to 3 days to be fully updated. Now, during this time, if any of your potential customers want to check your website, he or she will be referred to the cached web links. It will show them the exact time and date when you were last live. So now you can understand why this smallseotool is so essential for webmasters. This outstanding SEO tool enables your visitors to access your site when you are offline.

Why webmasters prefer this smallseotool, Google Cache Checker

If you are looking for excellent SEO tools to get customer's attention and to develop your business, you should try Meramaal's SEO tool Google Cache Checker. If you want to access a website which is not live anymore for 1 to 3 days, Google cache search tool will be the best solution for you. Anyways, you don't have any option apart from this outstanding tool. This search engine optimization tool is known for providing hassle-free experiences. Still, if you find any issue while using it, don't hesitate to contact Meramaal’s support team. We are always available for you.

How to use Meramaal's SEO tool, Google Cache Checker

This one is one of the most uncomplicated SEO tools designed by Meramaal. You just have to enter the URL of your desired site in the text field. If you want, you can put 20 links at a time. Within just a few seconds this SEO tool will display the result. You'll get the exact date and time. The Google generated the cached version of your site will be available in front of you.

You'll also get to know how often your website is being cached. Apart from getting the accurate time and date, you'll even get to know when your site was last screened by the Search Engine crawlers. And if this SEO tool doesn't show the cached version of your website, you should take instant action. It is because your site might have penalized or it cannot be crawled by the Google search engine. To improve your site, you can use Google Page Speed Checker, Google Index Checker or even Google Malware Checker.

Without any registration, you can check 20 websites within just a fraction of seconds with the help of this incredible small SEO tool, Google Cache Checker.

How to improve Google Cache

Google Chrome browser enables you to adjust the size of the cache. You just need to make your desired adjustments in the setting. Just right click on Google Chrome shortcut and select Properties option. Next, you have to hit the “Shortcut” option which is available on top of the Properties window. After clicking on the Targeted field, you have to shift the bottom of the cursor to the text. You can simply push the end key, and then you have to write “disk-size-cache=10000000?" in the given box. Then only the cache size will be adjusted. Next, just click on "OK" and restart the browser. The Google cache size can be utilized now.

How Meramaal's one the free SEO tools, Google Cache Checker works

If you want to review Google cache of your site's pages, you can go for Google Cache Analyzer. This one is the most straightforward and the super-fast way to find out if your website is linked to Google Search Index. You'll also get to know if your site can be retrieved by the visitors or not. Google cache analyzer enables you to check as many pages as you want. So try it now.