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About Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker

A Keyword density is gotten by computing the percentage of the amount of times a word is used, in contrast to the total word count. Making use of a keyword density tool will not fix your mistakes; rather it will identify your mistakes and give you an option to make the right modifications.

What is so unique about the keyword density tool is the flexibility it offers when using it! All you need to do is input the URL or copy and paste an article from a source, then select the number of keyword results you want it to display, and the number of a word per phrase. Within a few seconds, your results will be displayed and you will see the count and density, the results display starts with the most repeated used words and phrases.

However, one should be aware that SEO tools such as the keyword density tool adds quality to your article or Web page. If not all SEO efforts will be in vain, because only the pages that are interesting, important, pleasurable, informative, in any aspect will maintain a credible presence in the search engine results.

It is vital to make use of a density tool to alleviate under-optimizing or over- optimizing. There are no proven rules of Google for keyword density, key keywords should be between two and three percent, while secondary keywords like lengthy search phrases between one percent and two percent.


How calculate density using  Density Checker?

Keyword density tool offered by Meramaal SEO tools is a stress-free tool because it is extremely easy to use. Our keyword density checker features the optimum quality and is totally free!

Don’t know to ascertain keyword density, fret not! For Meramaal’s keyword density checker is here to help you. Put in the correct URL or enter the document you want to examine for density and set your choice. Next, hit the Analyze button. The output will be displayed automatically.

You can also compute a keyword density by dividing a certain amount of keyword is used by the overall number of words in a written content then multiply the result by 100 to get your percentage.

For instance, if an article is 1000 words in length and a keyword is written, 15 times, then the keyword density will be

(15/1000) x 100


Keyword density =1.5% !!!