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This tool is an effective online utility that enables webmasters and bloggers to analyze their link report as juxtaposed with their competitors as well as find credible and great links generating webpage sources. The majority of prevalent search engines perceive links as a sign of credibility and support are given to a popular site. Links with awesome substance additionally send a substantial stream of high-esteem traffic a webmaster wants; hence, an open link analysis program is very important.

Nowadays, reacting to modern penguin restructuring or performing a link audit on a regular basis, you need a good link analyzer. Meramaal’s SEO tool link analyzer is just what you need. Our tool has made it feasible to audit every one of your connections in an advantageous way. Utilize Meramaal’s link analyzer software to examine both internal and external links so the search engine can easily analyze the link on a specific webpage. Google search engine evaluates and indexes the relation between web pages and the inner link form of a site.

Our link analyzer is needed for so many reasons, these include:

Generating A Link: Meramaal’s link analyzer generates a detailed link result for webmasters and SEO experts to evaluate the internal and external links of a particular domain.

Analyzing Linked Websites: our tool is also useful for SEO experts in analyzing other linking websites.

For Digital Marketers: our link analyzer tool is a smart way to do digital marketing, digital marketers on freelancing platforms make profits from providing a comprehensive link analysis report for their clients.


Internal links are links that point only within your own particular domain, such as the navigation bar on a webpage’s top which includes external links such as contact pages or on the about page of your website. Internal links are links that indicate the content within the same domain. External links, on the other hand, are links that indicate an entirely separate domain. External links and sometimes called outgoing links, they indicate from a specific domain to a completely different domain.

The external links could also link from the domain in the direction of a different domain to give more details to visitors; they could also be links on your site for a program that is an associate. Links from websites indicating your link can are termed as outer links, however, these are popularly known as “incoming links” to differentiate them from links put into your site that is capable of connecting to other sites.


There are several ways to categorize internal links; on-site link analysis is one of those ways. Every website review or SEO audit can quickly make an inspection of the on-site links through the on-site link analysis. On-site linkage is the significant element of any website because broken links, badly placed links, obscure links and noisy links amongst others can cause chaos for crawlers and users. It is thus important for search engine optimizer to examine the on-site links more thoroughly.


When developing a good website, it is paramount to look at the links on other websites for other reasons such as gaining links from other websites. It is important to analyze the links on other websites because it helps you know where the existing outbound links are pointing, where outbound links are built, how the site architectures are built and if they are doing irrelevant things.

Like the off-site links, on-site links should also be rated for quality to ascertain that the internal links on a website are doing what they should and not otherwise. By examining how the link analysis works for SEO, it helps you to also understand how mundane tasks form a strong basis for boosting trust, search visibility and crawl.


  • Enter the URL of the webpage you want to analyze
  • Select the type of links you want to examine including internal links and external links or both
  • You can also click on the option that allows you to check  to show no follow links
  • The result will be shown in a list form to include all the inbounds, outgoing links, and their associated anchor text.

Note that our link analysis tool will only allow you to analyze the links of one page at a time