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Owning a website is very mandatory when it comes to developing an online business, every website needs certain tools to develop his website up to a particular required standard that will make it favorable for search engines. One of those tools is MozRank checker tool. This tool is a must-have for every webmaster and SEO expert. There is a lot to know about how search engines such as Yahoo and Google rank website, website ranking works in numerous ways. Search engines, especially Google rank and analyses a particular website based on more than 200 metrics. Google’s webpage ranking criteria is not commonly known to a lot of webmasters, this is why you need a good MozRank checker tool provider

 Website owners require several tools to help them boost their website ranking and this is what MozRank checker tool does.  The secret of having a good website ranking is getting a good MozRank checker tool. Meramaal SEO tools’ MozRank Checker Tool is the best tool for website owners, webmasters and SEO expert that will take their online activity and business to its peak.

Meramaal SEO Tools’ MozRank Checker Tool.

Unlike other tools you know, Moz uses a quite different algorithm compared with Google to do web ranking, our MozRank checker will check the applicability of your website links, a genuine link to a site is the best for website traffic. Web pages hit to the site are also very important as well a traffic produced by your link to your website. All these are rated and combine together to become a MozRank. The focal concern of MozRank score is the amount of quality link traffic towards your website. This usually ranks between 1 and 10. The higher the MozRank score, the better a website’s ranking.  It is better to develop your website ranking from 2 to 3 then later 9 to 8.

However, it is better to wait a bit before using our MozRank checker tool, once your website is live, wait patiently for some time because it takes time to gain traffic and recognition. After your website has been on for weeks and your traffic is getting regular, you can then run Meramaal SEO tools’ MozRank Checker Tool and it will show you a report of your website URL, Domain Authority and MozRank.

How to Improve MozRank.

There are several mediums that can be used to improve your score. As Moz explore and checks your links and features them in ranking, there are proven authorized ways to increase your rank.

  • First is to consider joining a link exchange scheme that is legal. An illegal link farm despite its charms should be avoided at all costs. Search for a program compromise of close interests as yours and exchange links with them.
  • Another option is to look for some blog websites that make room for external comments.  Ensure that the blog website shares similar equal interest as yours.  Begin publishing comments on those blogs from your website, meanwhile, you should remember to enter your site URL while you post a comment.

With these initiatives, you can rerun Meramaal SEO tools’ MozRank Checker Tool and you will see the difference with an increasing website ranking.

Using Social Media to Boost Your MozRank Score.

You can boost your MozRank score quickly by using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can make an account on social media sites based on your domain name. Ensure that you link your web URL to your social media account and generate posts for social media based on your business effort.

More so, when you tell friends and family members to read and like your post on Facebook, your website’s authority ranking increases and if they read your post and visit your website through the links you provide, the website’s traffic increases.