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City Ashburn
Region Virginia (VA)
Country United States of America
Country Code US
Latitude 39.0469
Longitude -77.4903

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One of the things people often disregard is their Internet Protocol or IP address, however, it is very significant for online presence. IP address constructs the roots of the network of every computer, it is a unique numerical string that is used in identifying a particular computer. The IP addresses are 32-bits long and can cover a single personal device as well as a whole home address or an office network. The IP address performs the function of communicating with the router and the router, in turn, ensures that the response reaches the required device in order to enable the internet run smoothly. A person’s IP address can also serve as a privacy breach as it helps in revealing the related details such as a person’s location.

 The IP address is needed for the communication and identification of computer networks. The IP address is what helps people to get an update on weather forecasts, check the latest update or access their most preferred websites. The absence of an IP address means that websites on the internet would not have any idea where to send information you request to be accessed.

In the internet world, every activity requires an IP address to work. IP addresses are like fingerprints, no IP address is the same, each IP address is unique and distinct from others. While IP addressed are public, you can avoid sharing your true IP address, however, this requires you to download VPN which will protect your privacy and hide your online identity.


The IP address is a numerical string that a computer uses to connect and identify the computer devices through the internet network. Data and information usually pass through different devices after the IP addresses of both the sender and receiver have been identified. Your IP address is not private, it can be viewed publicly, hence other people know about the location of your device or your location and other IP related information. The IP address reveals your city, country, state, province, and ZIP or Postal code.


A lot of people are unaware of the importance of their IP address, they do not even know how to check their IP address. Apart from the fact that devices can view your devices, even the websites you visit can collect information about you. By building linking the IP address with several details such as trackers, cookies, browser, metadata and fingerprinting tactics. They can collect information and use it to build an accurate profile of their using. If all these external sources can know your IP address then you should too.

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More so, it is important for bloggers and webmasters to know the IP location of their visitors and get information about the region they are getting the maximum traffic from. This could also help them improve their website.

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