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About Online Ping Website Tool


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, one of the best tools considered most crucial is the ping tool for web pages. This Tool helps website admins and engineers to optimize and ping their website’s performance online, also, it allows you to ping sites and search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo amongst others, it also helps to in notifying web crawlers that your site has been refreshed.

Maintaining an updated website or blog updated regularly is among the most important factors in ensuring that your website is enhanced. A refreshed blog or site has proven to be an improving factor for your internet brand or service. Keeping an updated website regularly is significant in polishing the subject of your site and boosting the value of your website. It is because of this that it is paramount for your site to be efficient and well-run.

After successfully updating your website, the next thing to do is pinging your site on the subject of Google. Pinging your website or blog is not difficult all you need is a have an effective ping online device that can revise Google search engine about your webpage recent updates.

Meramaal’s Ping Tool by Meramaal SEO tools is a way is an approach to remain in front of contenders, this free Ping Tool by Meramaal tools enables pinging of your site’s uniform resource locator to search engines and other web indexes. This online tool permits your site to be seen by Google Crawler. Our pinging website tool is useful for website owners and online service providers in the web promoting the industry.

Recognizing your website by search engines takes a while, especially after updating your website as well as distributing another blog. Hence, it is plausible the result will show contents on the site which is not up to date. Hence, you need a real-time pinging device that helps in notifying Google that your site has been restructured.

How to use Meramaal ping tool

  • On the off chance that you have quite recently distributed another blog, all you have to do is copy and insert the main address into the post or page that needs indexing. Do not bother to enter your top level domain.
  • Basically, pick the classification that best depicts the idea of the post, although this could be unique in relation to the class you would choose for the site totally.
  • Click the enter button, afterward, our online ping website will automatically inform search engines about the updated or new page for prompt indexing.

Rules on how to use Meramaal ping tool

  • Frequently examine and enhance the rate at which your site loads
  • Optimize the loading velocity of your website or blog regularly
  • A site with over 6 seconds loading time is considered a poor
  • A poor loading time affects the health of your website.
  • Search engines give preference to websites that takes below seven seconds to open.
  • To solve the problem of slow loading time, first, identify the reason for a poor loading time
  • Reasons for weak loading time could be as a result of large image sizes, for this, all you have to do is compress the images before using them
  • Ensure that you utilize this ping tool anytime you make new updates on your site.

When using an online ping website tool, it is best to use quality that will provide you the best result, which is why you should use Online Ping Website Tool by Meramaal SEO tools. We offer:

Immediate Update Notification: there is no need to wait for all search engines to learn about the recent changes to your website when you can do that right away with our tool

Efficiency: it is a known fact that our tool helps to enhance the health and value of your website as long as it is regularly updated with the content that is helpful to users.

Quality: our ping tool is quality, it notifies Google easily of your website update

Relevant mark: you can use our tool to leave a mark on the relevant online community.

Convenient: our tool is very convenient to use

Free: our tool is absolutely free for users.