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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator


Online business has become one of the most trending and profitable means of doing business, however, developing a profitable online business is not an easy task, it requires several procedures one of which is getting the search engine to recognize your website. Apart from developing a favorable search engine website, it can be stressful very stressful actively run a website, this is why Robot txt Analysis has been designed to support site owners by handling complex tasks all by itself with just a few clicks.

Robots. txt generator is a tool that has proven very useful to website owners in order to make their website Google bot friendly.  Search engines rely on robots for so many things. Each time a search engine gains access to a site, it searches and identifies the robot txt file, this file is usually placed at the root level, once this is done, the crawler reads the file.


Meramaal’s  SEO tool robot. txt generator is a must have for website owners, it allows website owners to notify robots which records their site root index that the Google bot need crawl crept. It allows site owners to choose the type of robot they prefer to grant access to their website’s index and prevent other also helps site owners grant access to files in the root catalog of their website.

Meramaal’s SEO tool robot. txt generator is designed to work with every search engines including Yahoo and Google and is very significant for the development of any online business.

How to Use Meramaal’s SEO Tool Robot. Txt Generator

This amazing robot tool is an easy to use tool, you can successfully generate a robot txt by following these steps.

  • Select the robot you would like to allow or deny access to your website’s file, giving you the access to reduce default Google robot txt generator tools on your website
  • Select the crawl delay: this dictates the extent to which crawls must be delayed. You are allowed to delay the crawls from 5 to 100 seconds, but you have to set it because it is “No Delay” by default
  • Paste a sitemap in the text field. This is provided you have a sitemap but if you do not have, you can leave it blank
  • After doing the is, a list of search robots is shown for you to choose from, you can also choose to reject a robot you do not want to crawl your files.
  •  The final stage is to restrict directories.
  • You can also generate or edit a robot
  • There is also an option for you to specify other directives for a crawler all you have to do is click  on “Person  Agent” list to choose  the boat
  • After creating  a Google bot friendly  robot txt, you can then upload it to the root directory of your website

Meramaal’s  SEO tool robot. txt generator helps you:

  • Keep search engine spiders indexing your original pages.
  • Prevent search engine spiders from accessing files and folders in your websites hosting directories that are unrelated to your website content.
  • Keep search engine out of programming areas as well as other areas the search engine cannot parse appropriately.

Meramaal’s  SEO tool robot. txt generator offers you:

Responsive Tool: our tool is highly responsive and will work out excellently for your website

Free: it is also absolutely free, no extra charges.

Reputable: it is known as every website owner’s must have because of its efficient delivery.

Generate Sample For Free: you can try out this tool by generating a sample for free and you will be amazed at its effects.