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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Get introduced to one of the best SEO tools, Search Engine Spider Simulator

One of the major search engines like Google crawls the web or uses spiders to obtain information. But that doesn't mean whatever you put on the site can be noticed by the spiders. For example, spiders cannot crawl JavaScript links. So if you go for JavaScript menus or even flash menus or dynamic HTML and if you think your web pages can be indexed quickly, you can be disappointed at the end of the day. The reason behind that is search engine spiders will merely notice these links.

Flash menus, website content or dynamic HTML looks convenient and appealing. But you need o keep in mind that if the search engine spiders do not notice you, the users will also avoid you. HTML menus with strong links will undoubtedly increase your search engine reputation, but it's not suitable for search engine optimization.

How Meramaal's SEO tool, Search Engine Spider Simulator helps you

This excellent search engine optimization tool crawls the web pages to show you what the spider sees. This one is primarily the compressed version of the site with all the website content. This smallseotool will recognise the keyword usage, Meta tags, HTML. In short, at the bottom of the report, you'll find out the crawled links, and if it's not visible, then the spider cannot detect it. The website sometimes cannot be identified by the spider for various reasons.

Using Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, Flash, are the main reasons not to be founded by the spider. This one is the most significant

Mistakes can be done by the webmasters. Sometimes you fail to notice it. But it indeed makes tough for the spiders to crawl the internal links.

If you go for WYSIWYG HTML editor, they can overload the website content with links. As a result, the links get crushed in the code. The spiders may notice these things but the users cannot.

If you want to make your website attractive, try hexadecimal codes to color. This superb Meta Tag Generator tool will save your time. You just need to provide the Meta information. Then just copy paste it.

How Meramaal's one of the free SEO tools, Spider Simulator works

Meramaal's SEO tool, Spider Simulator is known to be one of the best SEO tools. Through this brilliant tool, you can quickly find out how search engine spider sees your website. This small seo tool will show you the valuable information about your site so that if you find any mistake, you can correct it or if you want you can upgrade the code for digital marketing.

How your website is seen through Meramaal's search engine Spider Simulator tool

What is SEO? Why SEO needs proper attention? Everyone knows the answer. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for a site. You can reach the prominent pages of significant search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. However, at first, you need to be found out by spiders. You need to remember that these vital search engines see your site with entirely different eyes. They are not the website users.

So you may find a web page excellent because of the website content or images. But for Search Engines, it's worthless because they cannot read the text, images or even web languages like JavaScript or CSS. So your website content might be appealing, or the website might look great. But that doesn't mean you'll get the high ranking on search engines.

Know when search engines cannot find out your website content

  • If the images are in PNG, GIF or JPEG format
  • If you use JavaScript or other script languages
  • If you use Flash movies or Flash banners
  • If multimedia file formats are used

If your primary SEO content is seen in these formats, it's remarkably sturdy to get good ranking in the search engines because they are not familiar with these forms. So if you use images, you should use excellent website content on other web pages.

Search engines index your web pages through SEO content. Meramaal's one of the best SEO tools, Search Engine Spider Simulator will help you to understand all the components of your website founded by various search engines. The advanced software applications will provide the quickest result.

Search engine bots check a lot of things. It's a very complicated process. For example, if your website content is produced through JavaScript or other Flash-based content then it will not be visible by the search engines. However, you and your visitors can check it.

Meramaal's SEO tool, Spider Simulator provides the facility to see the web pages exactly how search engine crawler bots see it. When webmasters check their websites with the help of this smallseotool, they can comprehend that JavaScript or Flash content cannot make any effort in Search Engine Optimization ranking.

So if you want to see your site from the view of search engines, you need to type your website URL and then just click on the Submit button. People get surprised when they see that images, animation and other flash content have entirely vanished. It's not visible because it doesn't matter if you check it through the eyes of search engines. Enter your domain name and see the result.

Meramaal's free SEO tool, Search Engine Spider Simulator

You can try the demo version of this superb search engine optimization tool, Spider Simulator which is entirely free. It's not at all restricted. Just put your URL to know which part of your website content can be located by the search engines. You'll also get to know where your site is lacking. So try this fantastic SEO tool now to get the best result.