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About URL Rewriting Tool

Meramaal URL Rewriting tool
This universal resource locator rewriting tool causes you to modify active URL. It is fairly adaptable and has an effortlessly reasonable interface. Our effective URL rewriter software uses Apache mod revision module with a specific end goal to change long compound dynamic universal locators into web search tool well disposed static URLs.

There is so much to be done when you build a site, each minor detail is crucial for a site and a URL requests more importance. You may have a complex URL which isn’t easy to understand by any stretch of your imagination.

To take care of these issues, Meramaal tools offers you the best superlative URL revising device that helps to remove dynamic URLs. Our mind-boggling program makes your URL easy to understand and short also. There are 3 essential reasons for changing a dynamic URL into a static URL.

  • Static URL positions better in Search Engine outcome.
  • Static URLs are steadier in enhancing the speed of your website than dynamic Uniform resource locators.
  • It includes an effortlessly sensible interface.
  • Static URLs are more exposed and used by a client.

Along these lines, with the help of our fabulous URL modifying tool, change your dynamic URLs and receive your rewards.

Difference between static and dynamic URL

Static URL is superior to Dynamic URLs inferable for various because:

  • Static URLs normally Rank better than dynamic URL Google Search Engines result.
  • Google index substance of dynamic sites much slower in correlation with static sites.
  • Static universal resource locators are constantly friendlier to clients.

Our URL converting tool will enhance your contents and transform your dynamic URL.

URL Rewriter benefits

  • Static URLs are considerably less demanding to recollect for end clients.
  • They are simpler to bookmark
  • They work better in web indexes and may enhance your search engine rankings.

Who is this tool for?
This tool is important to know which URL tool is required, it is meant for website admin with a hosted site facilitated and created and don’t have a clue about the type of site you have.

Two sorts of sites exist over the web and they are the dynamic and static sites. Let us analyze it and why it is necessary to utilize our tool.

Static Websites
Static sites exist on the web. In the event that a site is giving data with no intimation, then it is probably a static site. Medium-sized businesses have static sites and the organization simply needs to demonstrate their availability on the web. They don’t need any other person stealing their business name and building up a site.

Static sites are less demanding when it comes to hosting and less expensive to create.

  • It is less expensive to create
  • Quick to create
  • Reasonably priced to host


  • It only provides fundamental data
  • Needs web oriented to update

Dynamic sites
this site is expensive to maintain, however, they are simple and effortless to update and oversee. This site can be refreshed easily. For example, news and events can be effectively transferred by a basic UI. With dynamic sites, website admins can update E-business frameworks easily.


  • Dynamic site offers greater usefulness
  • Updating a dynamic site is effortless
  • Enables guests and clients to associate without issues
  • Permits exchange of data between site admins and clients


  • Expensive to Host
  • Expensive to Develop

Aside from these differences amongst dynamic and static sites, there are various focal points of static sites. This is the place the use of a capable URL revising instrument ends up noticeably important.

Conclusively, dynamic and static sites have distinct benefits and disadvantages. If you are getting the traffic you require, at that point, there is no reason for changing your site. However, you should just consider a switch in the event that it is influencing the performances of your site.

Our excellent revising tool uses Apache mod modifying component to alter a dynamic URL into web search tool static URLs. All that is required is for you to put in your dynamic URL in the said content box, and Meramaal tool will rewrite them into a static one in few minutes. Happy rewriting!