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About What is my Browser

Get all information about your browser with Meramaal’s Free SEO tool, What is my Browser

What is my Browser?

  • What is your Browser?

Google Chrome

  • Is JavaScript Enabled?


  • What is your Browser Version?


  • Is Flash Installed?

You don't have flash or flash is disabled.

  • Your Browser support Cookies?

Yes. Cookies ON

  • Is Java Installed?

No. Java is not installed

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  • Operating System

Windows 7 (x64)

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1440 x 794

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1440 x 900

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What Is My Browser is recognised to be a superior smallseotool of Meramaal which will help you in detecting your browser and also you'll get to know about its plugins. So if you want to find out the browser with its settings or if it's comprising off its HTML5 abilities and CSS3, then this free SEO tool of Meramaal, What Is My Browser will be the best solution for you. Along with that, while detecting your browser; it can also utilize different libraries at the same time.

With the help of this outstanding search engine optimization tool, you can easily find out whether your browser is outdated or it supports most of the up-to-date technologies. You can use any browser such as Opera, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox. Through this preeminent and one of the best SEO tools, you can quickly identify whether you need to update it or not.

A superb user-friendly SEO tool, What Is My Browser

Meramaal's one of the best SEO tools, “What is my Browser” is super easy to use. You can effortlessly fetch information regarding your browser through this search engine optimization tool. It not only gives you information about the browser after knowing the details you can also update it completely. The easily manageable interface of “What is my Browser” can be handled by even a non-technical person. You just have to visit Meramaal's free SEO tools and then open "What is my Browser" tool. All the details regarding the user agent, browser version, and OS are available here. So if you face any issue regarding your browser, you can quickly detect that through this incredible 100% free SEO tool.

Using a secure browser is extremely important. An old browser might face various attacks. For example, if the browser is outdated it can withstand attack from malware, hackers or other cyber criminals. So protecting your browser is genuinely essential. Through this search engine optimization tool of Meramaal, you can detect the browser and defend it quite efficiently. A safe and modern browser with shielded functions and features can combat against the hackers and cyber criminals more efficiently. In that case, you can utilize one of the best SEO tools "My Browser tool". Without any installation, you can use it effortlessly.

You must have seen that sometimes a site works well in a particular browser but not with others. With the help of this extraordinary SEO tool, you can quickly detect the technical issues related to your browser.

Advanced features of Meramaal's one of the free SEO tools, What Is My Browser Tool

  • This fantastic SEO tool will let you know about various things.
  • Your browser is secure or not
  • JavaScript detect OS is enabled or not
  • The dimensions of your browser
  • Resolution of the screen
  • Java is presented or not
  • Your client's specialized string
  • Flash is given or not
  • Your dialect preference

This search engine optimization tool will additionally provide a link to glue for a bolster companion or an individual.

How to utilize "What is My Browser" Tool?

Meramaal's one of the best SEO tools, "What is My Browser" is surpassing all other browser checking tools with its easily manageable interface. Just with one visit, you can fetch all details regarding your web browser. Additionally, it will save a lot of time with its fast approach. This smallseotool automatically displays the result which will be based on the operating web browsers analysis.

The advantages of "What is My Browser" Tool

If you are a newbie, this brilliant SEO tool will be your best companion. You can easily find out the current browser name. Along with that, you will also get to know about the latest version of that browser through which you can quickly get an idea whether you are using the newest version or not. You should also fetch information about the OS on which the browser is working. This small SEO tool will give you an idea about that too. And if you want to know about user agent string pertinent with your browser, you should take the help of this free SEO tools. In short, this SEO tool comes with multiple benefits. So stay updated with it.

Know more about the User Agent?

Every individual who is browsing involves a particular user agent. This one is the code that connects you to the user and the net. Knowing user agent is beneficial.

Many years ago when the net was just a text-based organism, users had to sort out commands to navigate or send messages. Now we only have to click on our desired button, and the browser plays the role of the agent. It converts our actions into commands.

When your web browser finds similar devices into the internet, it identifies itself as a partner degree agent. It happens when it retrieves your demanded content. After recognising the user agent, the browser transforms the device or the network data. It will be beneficial for internet developers.

How does Meramaal's small SEO tool, What Is My Browser work?

This fastest SEO tool automatically detects all essential information regarding your browsers such as the name of the browser, the version and fixed extension. And the most fantastic thing is it will showcase all the installed extensions on your browser. As a result, you can abandon all the redundant plugins and even analyze and audit your favourite plugins. In short, with the help of this SEO tool of Meramaal, you can secure your system efficiently.