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URL Redirect Checker
This tool is an exceptionally convenient tool that lets users to check where a redirected uniform resource locator goes. Diverting is a process where a URL is referred to another uniform resource locator. The redirect tool also used to examine different URLs, featuring on the complete response code. This proficient tool is generally utilized as an open 301 redirect checker.

HTTP redirect variations
there are several kinds of hypertext transfer protocol diverts. Let’s take a look at the basic types.

  1. 300 collective Choices: This implies the number of choices for the resource a client may use, such as, unique configuration preference for video can be introduced or accounts with different extensions.
  2. 301 Moved invariably: if this redirect is utilized, at that juncture, every future request to a unique uniform resource locator is going to be diverted to a set uniform resource locator.
  3. 302 seen or moved temporarily: the web functions on Hypertext transfer protocol, handling how a resource locator works. It contains 2 important versions, they are:
  • 1.0: this version has a status code termed "Moved Temporarily"
  • 1.1: the status code for this version is "Establish".
  1. A 307 code: if this redirect occurs, ask for the redirect to be repeated with a different URL and every subsequent future demand can utilize the initial uniform resource locator.
  2. Meta Refresh: this kind of redirect is carried out on a site stage instead of a client level. For search engine optimization, this is in no way ideal as it is slow. In most cases, the 5 seconds timer that says to click on a link if redirecting does not occur.

Functions of redirect checker

  1. This tool is utilized to ascertain the location of a specific affiliate link interface and the affiliate network is included.
  2. It aids clients to examine their redirects and ensure that it is in a great condition or to test if the redirected domain is perfectly diverted to a new domain.
  3. It helps you know where the path in which cookies is kept. It also finds out the number of redirects that is being operated by certain locales.

Using Meramaal redirect tool

utilizing this tool by is very effortless. Just fill the domain URL in the space available and click “Check". The result will be displayed containing the URL data and also the diverted URL.

Conclusively, if you need a tool that analyzes diverts, then Meramaal’s URL divert checker is an absolute necessity. Meramaal’s URL choker tool is:

  1. easy to understand
  2. quick and viable
  3. Free for everyone

So try our URL redirect Tracker today!